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SURF – Schellhammer Urological Research Foundation

Mission Statement

Schellhammer Urological Research Foundation (SURF) is a leading 501-C-3 non-profit organization whose mission is to improve urological care in our community and beyond through excellence in research, education and compassionate innovative health care. SURF also known as the Schellhammer Urological Research Foundation, was established to unify and support a team of clinicians and scientists to develop more accurate diagnostic tests and successful treatment strategies for patients with diseases of the urogenital system. The Foundation was recently renamed in honor of Dr. Paul Schellhammer, its founder. Our original Foundation, the Virginia Prostate Center (VPC) expanded its scope of research to include other cancers and benign urological diseases. The VPC became the Schellhammer Urological Research Foundation and more recently SURF.

Who We Are

The physicians at Urology of Virginia are committed to quality care, many are nationally recognized, all are board certified and committed to new and innovative treatments and cures through our research affiliate SURF. We service a large and growing number of patients and their referring doctors throughout Virginia and North Carolina. Our doctors work together as a team, share information and valuable case studies to ensure that each patient receives the best care possible.