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From Passion to Action: UsTOO at 20

The UsTOO International Summit, Symposium and Celebration
for Men and their Families battling Prostate Cancer.
August 20-21, 2010, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Paul Schellhammer, and other speakers cover a wide range of prostate cancer issues that include discussions about screening, treatment, nutrition, and advocacy group interaction. These can be viewed in two formats – video and PowerPoint presentations.
Video Webcast

Let’s Talk About Prostate Cancer …

The “Let’s Talk About Prostate Cancer” video series offers brief, videotaped viewpoints from opinion-makers in the prostate cancer community, including leading prostate cancer specialists, community activists, and support group leaders.

These videos are not intended to provide definitive information about how to prevent or manage your prostate cancer. Rather, they offer the selected opinions of people with years of experience in the prostate cancer community on specific issues at a specific point in time.

Video Clips - Let’s Talk About Prostate Cancer

Paul Schellhammer, MD, a urologist with prostate cancer, coverses openly with Mike Scott. Recorded at the 2009 Open Conversation by the Prostate Cancer Mission.
Video Clip - A Real Open Conversation with Paul Schellhammer and Mike Scott

Paul Schellhammer, MD, reviews what to do when the first treatment fails. Recorded at the 2009 Open Conversation by the Prostate Cancer Mission.
Video Clip - "Second Line Treatment" with Paul Schellhammer, MD