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Prostate Cancer is currently the most common cancer diagnosed in men, mostly older men. With the ever expanding aged population, together with better diagnostic tools, the incidence of prostate cancer is calculated to almost double in the next 25 years. The word "cancer" is understandably associated with fear, anxiety, and the mental image of premature death. While it is not possible and probably not wise to entirely eliminate these thoughts, it is certainly possible and wise to bring them into proper perspective.

The American Urologicical Association Foundation knows that information is the best means of providing patients with the resources to understand their options for treatment of prostate cancer. A solid base of information allows the patient, along with his physician, to choose that option for which hs is best suited.

This DVD is one of the many efforts of the American Urological Association Foundation to bring information to patients. The DVD is in a narrative form from three physicians to the newly diagnosed patient with prostate cancer. The physicians participating in this program all spend a majority of their practice counseling and treating patients with prostate cancer. Two of the three have been treated for the disease and, therefore, speak from both personal and professional experience.

We trust that these dialogues will give you both information and assurance that the diagnosis of prostate cancer and subsequent treatment can be consistent with a long productive life. We hope you will learn to live well with this disease. By putting the facts in perspective and by modifying the focus on the future and what tomorrow may bring, we will all learn to appreciate and enjoy today.

Paul F. Schellhammer, M.D.

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