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Schellhammer Urological
Research Foundation

The Foundation was established to unify and support a team of clinicians and scientists to develop more accurate diagnostic tests and successful treatment strategies for patients with diseases of the urogenital system, particularly prostate cancer. The original foundation, the Virginia Prostate Center, founded by Dr. Paul Schellhammer, later expanded the scope of research to include other cancers and benign urological diseases. The Foundation name was later changed to the Schellhammer Urological Research Foundation to honor its founder, Paul Schellhammer, MD.

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Our Experts

Our Physicians

SURF collaborates with the physicians at Urology of Virginia for patient care and clinical trials

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Our Mission

Nationally recognized and committed to new and innovative treatments

The mission of SURF is to improve urological care in our community and beyond through excellence in education, compassionate innovative health care, and research.

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Focus of SURF

SURF promotes urological health and information

SURF has four areas of concentration: Patient Education, Patient Care, Humanitarian Medical Efforts, and Foster Research.

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Help Us Improve the Quality and Quantity of Life of Patients with Urological Conditions

Our clinical and basic science research in the field of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment has expanded with each passing year and will continue to do so.

Our intent and hope is that the Schellhammer Urological Research Foundation will provide a wellspring of support for improving the quality and quantity of life of patients with urological cancer as well as benign diseases of the urinary system.

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