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Annual Reports

clinical Trials division

The Clinical Trials Division revenue is received from grants from pharmaceutical and device companies to support investigative research studying new pharmaceutical agents and new instrumentation. These grants are negotiated prior to the trial by presentation of a detailed budget which allows coverage of trial expenses; specifically support of personnel for monitoring patient progress and providing detailed documentation that adheres to good practice principles, institutional review board requirements and FDA requirements.

Clinical Trials Division
Year 2007 2008
Operating Income 309,118 297,097
Investment gain/loss 25,249 6,386
Operating Expenses &
Contributions to Basic Research
268,891 318,108
Total 65,476 (14,625)

basic science division

The Basic Science Division derives its revenue from philanthropic support and governmental grant support. Governmental grants typically extend from 3-5 years and are not included in the annual Basic Research support. Expenses in the Basic Research Division include personnel, and significantly for IT and hardware support. Increasingly the cost of necessary instrumentation has risen and consumed a good portion of the Basic Research resources as evidenced by the 2007-2008 annual report of revenue and expenses.

Basic Science Division
Year 2007 2008
beginning balance 226,410.60 263,248.73
Donations 219,432.69 175,595.02
Contributions from Clinical
16,953.58 28,933.01
Total 236,386.27 204,528.03
Salary and Fringe Benefits 95,058.00 95,695.00
Postage 1,282.48 1,200.00
IT Hardware / software 4,750.00 1,312.40
Travel / meetings / journals 3,531.80 8,404.02
Printing costs 3,586.02 5,467.68
Other – General expenses 1,477.62 3,023.98
Accrued equipment purchase 88,220.00 297,486.00
Misc 1,642.08
Total 199,548.14 409,565.10
Ending Balance 263,248.73 58,211.66

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